Open 7 days a week, we specialise in the management of sporting injuries; including injury assessment, treatment, rehabilitation – planning and delivering sport specific personalised rehabilitation programmes. Sports therapy is the treatment of injuries by physical methods including massage and exercise rather than drugs or surgery.


We work to improve people’s sporting performance from an injured state to a non-injured state. Equally treatments and techniques work on non-athletes too, it may be that your improvement in performance is to walk down the stairs pain free! We also encourage maintenance treatments to keep you on the right track, a bit like an MOT this way any niggles can be dealt with before they become a bigger problem.


Sports Massage incorporates techniques such as effleurage, kneading, petrissage, tapotement and frictions. Offering many benefits:



  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Increases tissue temperature
  • Improves metabolism
  • Aids absorption of tissue fluid
  • Increases lymphatic flow
  • Removes waste products
  • Breaks down adhesion’s



  • Sedative effect
  • Invigorating effect
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces spasm

Chemical & Psychological

Chemical & Psychological

  • Vasodilation
  • Increased blood flow
  • Induce a feeling of well being

  • 5 star review  I've had nothing but brilliant experiences with this company - professional, friendly and effective at what they do. I've been having sports massage from Lou for a couple of years now whilst I train for running events. She has kept me injury free and able to continue doing what I love. I've moved locations a few times during this period but kept coming back to the same company because I know I will get the quality of treatment I want. Highly recommended 👌

    thumb Sophie Williams
    March 3, 2022

    5 star review  Louise is absolutely fantastic, such a professional friendly service for both massage and acupuncture. I really feel the benefits following my visits. I would highly recommend.

    thumb Amanda Maclaughlan
    March 3, 2022
  • 5 star review  Fantastic professional; my students and I use her services regularly.

    thumb Angie Voluti
    March 3, 2022

    4 star review  Louise at Extreme Sports has helped me every time I visit. Good advice, helpful tips and effective massages - she always hits the spot!!

    thumb anita watson
    March 3, 2022
  • 5 star review  Been to see Lou at EST on numerous occasions since 2017 - always been an excellent service, able to diagnose the problem quickly from what I could tell her, did some work that helped immediately, and gave me a treatment plan and follow ups that made sure it was helping and the problem resolved. I would recommend to anyone who has an immediate injury, or looking to maintain their bodywork while doing regular training.

    thumb Neal Bath
    March 3, 2022

    5 star review  I would highly recommend Louise at Extreme Sports Therapy. Plenty of available appointments to cater for my requirements and most importantly she provides an excellent service. I always leave my appointment feeling more relaxed both physically and mentally.

    thumb Jennifer Johansson
    March 7, 2022
  • 5 star review  Had a bad back for months, one visit to Lou, a few exercises to do at home and it's been fine since. Wouldn't go anywhere else!!!

    thumb dan saunders
    March 4, 2022

    5 star review  Having a sports therapy treatment is part of my routine. We spend time looking after cars, pets and so on but don’t always spend time on our own bodies. Lou has created two great treatment rooms that are perfect for a sports massage. Clean, warm, and clinical. Ideal for what they’re intended for. I’d recommend sports therapy for everyone, not just sports fans. If you don’t like a wishy washy pamper massage then sports therapy is more likely to suit you.

    thumb Liz Blake
    March 7, 2022

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